Here's how you know that you've got a real cultural phenomenon on your hands: you don't even need to call it by its correct name and everyone still knows what you're talking about. Such is the case with the E.L. James book '50 Shades of Grey,' which will soon be a movie called, well, '50 Shades of Grey.' Wait, '50 Shapes of Grape'? What did you say? It doesn't matter, you still know what we're talking about here.

'The Tonight Show' host Jimmy Fallon decided to put that to the test with a little segment called, you guessed it, '50 Shapes of Grape.' Fallon sent his charming writer Arthur out on the streets to talk to people about the grapes ... or the bales of hay ... or also Randy Quaid? Did they all still know what he was talking about? Come on.

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