Disney is not going to let us forget about Ava DuVernay’s upcoming A Wrinkle in Time adaptation anytime soon. As soon as casting was completed, DuVernay and her crew got straight to work on production, announcing today in a creative way that filming has officially begun, and exactly when we can expect to see the movie in theaters.

If you’re on Facebook or Twitter, you’ve probably seen the “mannequin challenge” going around recently. If you haven’t, it’s a meme that got insanely popular across social media in a matter of days a few weeks ago: basically, a group of people freeze in a funny tableau with the song “Black Beatles” by Rae Sremmurd playing in the background, and one person with a camera walks around filming the whole thing. Even the Clinton campaign did one the night before Election Day. And it looks like not even big Hollywood directors are immune to the meme, as the whole cast and crew of A Wrinkle in Time managed to find a few free minutes during the first day of their shoot to put a video together. Even those normally behind the camera get their few seconds of fame in front of it, and the video ends with DuVernay and Storm Reid herself, who is playing Meg Murry, holding her copy of the script on which is written “April 6th 2018.”

Disney doesn’t usually announce their release dates this early, but perhaps made an exception for A Wrinkle in Time because it’s such a high-profile project. As for any clues the video might give away, the house they’re all in could be two different locations: it’s either the Murry family’s house at the beginning of the movie, or one of the houses in a creepy neighborhood on the planet Camazotz, which Meg and her friends visit during her quest. The house looks way too friendly to be in a creepy setting, so it’s probably the former. Movies don’t usually shoot in chronological order, but it’s probably easier to get all the easy Earth-set stuff in the beginning out of the way first. Regardless, the cast and crew look like they’re having an absolute blast, and we’re very excited to see the finished product.

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