Despite looking like an early smash, ABC’s The Muppets hasn’t quite caught fire in the manner originally hoped, boasting modest ratings amid some critical derision. Nothing felt can stay, it seems, as showrunner Bob Kushell has left the series amid rumors of conflict, leaving The Muppets likely to change focus in 2016.

ABC may have placed enough faith in The Muppets to extend its initial order by three episodes, though reports confirm that showrunner Bob Kushell will end up replaced by Galavant co–executive producer Kristin Newman. Rumors claim that tensions between Kushell and Muppets executive producer Bill Prady led to the split, which ABC now hopes will bring the series back on track with its original projections.

The Muppets will continue through its first ten episodes this fall, likely returning in spring 2016 for a six-episode mid-season run, ostensibly rebooting the premise. For those not yet attuned, ABC’s The Muppets re-imagines the characters in a contemporary documentary style, exploring their personal lives and relationships working on a late-night Miss Piggy series.

Guests for the series have thus far included Elizabeth Banks, Christina Applegate, Topher Grace, Josh Groban, Ed Helms, Reese Witherspoon, Liam Hemsworth, Jay Leno, Nick Offerman, Lea Thompson, Jason Bateman and more. Time will tell if more time does The Muppets any favors, but was the latest incarnation in need of a shakeup already?