'Alice in Wonderland' made over $1 billion worldwide so it was only a matter of time before Disney moved forward on a sequel. And now they're officially moving forward on 'Alice in Wonderland 2' and all we can wonder is...what took so long?

As strange as it might be to believe, 2010's 'Alice in Wonderland' was one of Disney's biggest movies ever. So it's something of a no-brainer that they'll want to revisit the property and Variety reports that now they've hired Linda Woolverton, who wrote the original, to work on a 'Alice in Wonderland 2' script.

But the big questions remain: will Tim Burton and Johnny Depp return?

Considering how closely these two work together, we can't imagine one returning without the other but will either of them have the time (or interest) in coming back for another trip down the rabbit hole?

While nothing can be guaranteed, it's assumed that 'Alice in Wonderland 2' will follow 'Through the Looking Glass' the follow-up to the original 'Alice in Wonderland' written by Lewis Carroll. (Interestingly, the Mad Hatter does not appear in the book.)

'Alice in Wonderland 2' is just one of the many ways Disney is looking to reboot their princess line. The 2010 film is being adapted into a Broadway musical, 'Maleficent' (the 'Sleeping Beauty' prequel) starring Angelina Jolie recently wrapped production and they're currently working on a new version of Cinderella.

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