The new Tomb Raider might be making her way into Hollywood blockbusters, especially with the upcoming Jason Bourne, but Alicia Vikander is still intent on using her acting skills to make you weep. If you thought she was done sweeping up awards last year, the woman-who-never-stops-making-movies has another likely awards season contender this fall in The Light Between Oceans, and you may want to get some tissues for it.

In the latest from Derek Cianfrance (Blue Valentine), Vikander and Michael Fassbender play a couple grieving the loss of (what appears to be) their unborn child. The new trailer for The Light Between Oceans shows Vikander's Isabel and Fassbender's lighthouse keeper Tom reading each others' lover letters before tragedy strikes. But just when all hope seems lost, the couple find an infant washed ashore in a small boat (as one typically does). Taking it as a sign, they keep the baby and raise her as their own. But this ain't a happy story -- I warned you, there will be tears! -- and Isabel later meets the child's biological mother (Rachel Weisz), who lost her daughter and husband at sea.

The period drama, based on the M. L. Stedman novel of the same name, looks to be an interesting portrait of grief from the perspective of the mothers. Out of anything, I'm most looking forward to Vikander and Weisz' scenes together, both actresses whose dramatic performances often outshine others in their films -- last year Vikander carried the middling Testament of Youth, while Weisz was one of the strongest parts of Paolo Sorrentino's Youth. Together, there's no telling what kind of devastating emotions these two will cook up, especially with Cianfrance on board. The Light Between Oceans opens September 2.