Director Marc Webb teased that 'Amazing Spider-Man 2' would feature some costume changes for our favorite web slinger, specifically "bigger eyes" and "gnarly web shooters." Many Spider-Man fans thought this meant a return to the look made famous by artist Todd McFarlane. So what is the new look for Spidey in 'The Amazing Spider-Man 2?' Check out the first official photo from the film and find out!

Superhero Hype posted the first look at the new 'Amazing Spider-Man 2' costume and, as promised, it does feature bigger eyes than the previous version. Are those eyes as big as the old McFarlane versions? Mmm, not quite but they are noticeably bigger and, if we had to vote, better.

What we don't get a better look at in this photo is the new "gnarly" web shooters. Beyond that there doesn't look to be much in the way of major changes, at least that we can see. The logo on the chest is still the same, as is the web pattern on the costume (it appears to have slightly less noticeable honeycombing but that could just be the lighting).

Take a look at the full image below. What do you think of Spider-Man's new eyes? Were you hoping for a bigger change for 'Amazing Spider-Man 2' or is this just enough?

Amazing Spider-Man 2 costume change

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