American Dad fans found themselves somewhat concerned by the FOX Family Guy offshoot’s move to TBS last year, but the Smiths can officially take it easy. Not only does American Dad already have 22 new episodes to look forward to in 2016, but TBS has thrown an additional 44 at the wall, keeping the family in business through 2018.

According to TBS’ official press release, American Dad will run through a twelfth and thirteenth season over the coming years, coming in at 22 episodes apiece. The cable company had already given a 22-episode renewal to follow the Seth MacFarlane series’ first run on TBS, Season 11 episodes of which will air in early 2016.

The series also runs extensively on Adult Swim (a similar strategy that’s kept Family Guy afloat), something the network touted in its official announcement:

American Dad! has thrived since coming to TBS and Adult Swim, demonstrating the Turner portfolio’s ability to build enduring hits through a combination of smart programming, savvy promotion and extensive multiplatform distribution. We look forward to keeping the crazy-but-lovable Smith family around for a long time.

Also worth remembering is that Seth MacFarlane acts primarily as executive producer and lead voice, operating under a different crew from Family Guy, despite the animation similarities. Either way, American Dad is here to stay, and TBS appears to have polished itself one gleaming turd.