Okay, yes, it’s disappointing that Mike Mignola and co. opted to find someone other than Guillermo del Toro and Ron Perlman to make a new Hellboy movie, but Neil Marshall’s reboot continues to sound really, really exciting. We recently learned that the subtitle of the movie, which will star David Harbour as the titular son of the Fallen One, will be “Rise of the Blood Queen,” which, if you’s familiar, recalls one very cool comic arc with one very scary villain. Some more good news: Milla Jovovich has just been cast as the so-called Blood Queen, also known as the all-powerful witch Nimue.

Deadline reports Jovovich is in final talks for the role, which would see her opposing Harbour’s Hellboy as the magical villain of Arthurian legend. Basically, the Blood Queen’s story is this: Nimue was under Merlin’s tutelage until she decided to imprison the wizard and take his powers. Her lust for power and worship of the Ogdru Jahad drove her mad, and a group of witches cut up her body into tiny pieces and buried them in a box underneath the earth. Which works pretty well… until it doesn’t. Jovovich has made a name for herself in sci-fi movies like this (The Fifth Element, Resident Evil), but until now she’s mostly played the good guy. I can’t wait to see her unleash her inner villainess.

And yes, as I said before, it still rankles that del Toro et al weren’t able to finish their trilogy, but with a cast this good (Ian McShane is Professor Broom!) and a story this cool, it’s getting even harder to stay mad and not get a little bit excited to see this.

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