The Antichrist is coming back. And he’s a familiar face from the Ryan Murphy empire.

At the end of American Horror Story‘s debut season Murder House, evil incarnate entered the world when Connie Britton’s Vivien Harmon gave birth to Michael Langdon. The series moved on to other evils after that, but in its eighth season, AHS: Apocalypse will return to Constance Langdon’s deranged grandson. Cody Fern, best known as David Madson, one of Andrew Cunanan’s victims in Versace: American Crime Story, will play Michael Langdon all grown up. This is some pretty great casting since Fern – who was also supposed to be a love interest for Kevin Spacey before he was axed from House of Cards – was great in Versace, and it doesn't hurt how much he looks like the younger kid.

Murphy announced the news for the much-anticipated Murder House and Coven crossover late Thursday night on Twitter. He didn’t share any other details, but this confirms our previous prediction of Michael’s return. So far, Murphy has said the new season will involve a Murder House character entering the New Orleans witch school, Miss Robichaux Academy, from Coven. It makes perfect sense that Michael will be the latest student given his evil abilities. We also know the new season will take place in the future, and that futuristic setting will be just 18 months from now. But something doesn’t quite add up…

If Apocalypse is set in early 2020, that means Michael Langdon, who was born in 2012 in the show’s timeline is 8 years old. In real life, Fern is 30 years old. Hmm. I can’t wait to see how Murphy turns a 30 year old man into a child! Then again, the AHS universe isn’t bound by the same rules of logic as the real world, so who the heck knows.

The rest of the cast will include AHS vets Sarah Paulson, Evan Peters, Emma Roberts, and Kathy Bates, plus Billy Eichner. But the real important question: will Jessica Lang be back as Constance? Hopefully we learn more soon. AHS: Apocalypse arrives on FX on September 12.

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