For as increasingly batsh*t insane as 'American Horror Story: Asylum' has become in only two episodes, we're deathly afraid to think what kind of new horrors await us toward the end of the season. Yet even with that fear in place, we're dying to see more of Dylan McDermott, whose appearance in the FX horror thriller's second season was saved to be revealed only one week ago for the show's premiere. So when will McDermott appear on 'American Horror Story: Asylum,' and what kind of new role might he have?

'American Horror Story: Asylum' was full of "Tricks and Treats" last night, with everything from candied apples to exorcisms and bloody faces, but the real treat will come later this season when Dylan McDermott returns to the series as an all-new character independent of his season 1 role. But with returning season 1 stars taking drastically opposing parts, what might be different from McDermott's handsome, if damaged doctor role?

Series showrunner Ryan Murphy spoke to Entertainment Weekly following last night's episode, laying out a few details of McDermott's return, which he promised to be a departure for the star:

I just love Dylan. He and I spoke at great length at the end of last year because Dylan loved the experience and loved the material and the actors and he and I really wanted him to come back. I wanted him to do something that’s the opposite of what he’s done.

He’s introduced in episode 9, which is our winter cliff-hanger. So he’s a big part of the last chunk of the episodes. We plotted and plotted and came up with something that is great and he actually starts filming tomorrow. I love it because it’s a real departure for Dylan, who is usually such a handsome leading man.

When asked if that last bit implied that Murphy intended to portray McDermott as unattractive, the showrunner clarified that he wouldn't resort to cheap costuming but rather "It’s a really cool plot twist that I think is fun." And no, there won't be any tearful masturbation scenes.

What do you think? Who might 'American Horror Story: Asylum' enlist Dylan McDermott to play? How have you been enjoying the new season thus far?