Even as American Horror Story is already looking forward to its next season in secret, Roanoke has only just begun to lay out its mystery (at least before tossing it aside midway through). We’ve heard Ryan Murphy will start to lay groundwork for all the seasons to connect, and our first Roanoke tease of that will connect back to Freak Show.

Murphy spoke to Entertainment Weekly of the increasingly intricate connections across different seasons, noting that Roanoke would take time to explain the origin of Finn Wittrock and Francis Conroy’s Freak Show brood. “We explain how the Motts began which is funny,” said the creator.

Not only that, but Season 6 will eventually feature a whole host of returning roles from the franchise’s past:

There’s a lot of great, familiar people that have come through the seasons – you know, the first five – who fans have missed, who I’ve always tried to get. Many of them have been unavailable, and I booked them far enough in advance this year that they’re back. This is sort of the year, where you see the “greatest hits,” in terms of actors of American Horror Story, and they all love doing it.

Pure speculation on our end, but did someone say Connie Britton? Did anyone remember that Kate Mara was in this?

Of course, Murphy isn’t the only one charting the many connections through six American Horror Story seasons, as we’ve done with our own special feature below. See for yourself, and stay tuned for more American Horror Story: Roanoke on FX Wednesdays.

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