You may remember a couple years ago when HBO sneakily released new Game of Thrones footage over text message, footage that once you watched it, would disappear forever. Now FX is following that same method for American Horror Story, just with Snapchat.

The upcoming sixth season of American Horror Story has been the most secretive one yet, or maybe Ryan Murphy is just delaying (this is the longest it’s taken him to announce a subtitle and theme). But on Wednesday we finally got our very first promos from the upcoming season.In a mysterious reveal, FX debuted three short teaser on VICE’s Snapchat Discovery channel (a publicist confirmed with us that three additional teasers are out there, presumably on other Discovery channels, but we’ve yet to find them).

Update: All six teasers are now online, including one with a centipede crawling on Lady Gaga’s face. Check them out below:

So what do we have here? There’s a creepy looking farmhouse in the middle of a field with eerie black smoke pluming out of it into the season’s question mark/number 6 outline. Is it just me, or does that imagery look a lot like the attack at the Burrow in Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince? The other teasers show a hand grabbing a knife from above a baby crib and a foot running down metal steps until it’s grabbed by a hand as a woman screams.

What could it mean? The site Pop Wrapped has a (very loose) rumor that the season’s theme will be “Forest,” claiming they have exclusive information about a mix between Peter Pan, Deliverance and The Exorcist. Take that as you will. But there does seem to be some kinda of Texas Chainsaw Massacre theme across the teasers, and we all know Murphy loves on-the-nose horror movie references. Could the baby mobile in the second teaser be a reference to Michael Langdon, the anti-christ baby from Season 1's Murder House? Could the person running in the third teaser actually be running from the aliens in Asylum, who are back to wreak more havoc? Or maybe it’s Bloody Face, back from the dead! Or maybe its all one big nightmare in Pepper’s head! DUN DUN DUUNNN. Honestly, who knows. Nothing would surprise me at this point.

The only thing we know so far is Season 6's logo is a question mark, a symbol that accurately reflects how I feel about American Horror Story after the mess of Hotel – do I really want to keep devoting hours of my life to this show? Is it worth it? Bring Jessica Lange back, then I’ll consider. Till then, expect the new untitled season of AHS to drop on FX on September 14.


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