It’s been one heck of an awards season. For months we’ve speculated and debated the biggest movies of 2016 and on Sunday night the Oscars handed us the craziest twist of all time. After La La Land was named the Best Picture winner before immediately losing to the correct winner, Moonlight, we all know to never turn off our TVs before the credits roll on the Oscars broadcast.

In this year’s final episode of ScreenCrush’s award season podcast, And the Podcast Goes To, editors Erin Whitney and Britt Hayes break down that wild Oscars surprise, and discuss the other big wins (and loses) of the night. Did Emma Stone deserve to win Best Actress? Was the Best Picture snafu planned? What was the biggest snub of the night? Erin and Britt also discuss the importance of Moonlight‘s win, how the awards were the most diverse in Oscar history, and decide that La La Land losing Best Picture was the best thing to happen to this divisive movie. Check out the episode above via YouTube and on iTunes.

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