It's not that surprising that Peabody Award winner Anderson Cooper and Sarah Burge, the British woman billed as the "Human Barbie," had little to talk about during his daytime talkshow 'Anderson.' But the fact that Cooper actually decided to kick her off before the segment ended definitely is.

"I honestly have nothing more to talk to you about, I've got to be honest," Cooper told the 51-year-old Guinness Book of World Records holder for the most cosmetic surgeries.

What turned Cooper off, though, wasn't this seeming addiction to alterations so much as her imposing the lifestyle on her two daughters. Burge achieved infamy for gifting her 7-year-old daughter with a breast implant "voucher," redeemable upon her 18th birthday.

The "Human Barbie" also got her 17-year-old daughter a Botox treatment, which she explained to Cooper was necessary so that her dancer daughter wouldn't sweat on stage. That and the pole-dancing lessons she provided for her daughter at the age of 6 were enough to put the mild-mannered Cooper over the edge.

"I honestly have nothing more to talk to you about, I've got to be honest. I try to be really polite to all my guests. I just think you’re dreadful and I honestly don’t want to talk to you anymore," Cooper told Burge.

"That's fine, that's good" she responded, smiling as she left the stage.

Afterwards, Cooper elaborated on his decision to cut Burge's segment short in a backstage video, saying he had doubts about her honesty and suspected the appearance was more about publicity than an earnest discussion of her lifestyle and questionable mothering practices.

Check out both Cooper's ousting of Burge and his backstage remarks in the two clips below and let us know what you think about the "Human Barbie" in the comments.

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