If you’re a fan of Girls, you’re a guaranteed fan of Andrew Rannells and his hilarious character, Elijah. More Andrew Rannells is always a good thing, so it’s about time that the actor got his very own starring vehicle. Enter Judd Apatow, who previously teamed up with Amy Schumer to direct Trainwreck, which the comedian starred in and wrote. Apatow is giving Rannells the similar treatment, producing a new comedy film which Rannells will star in and co-write.

Deadline reports that the Girls star is co-writing a screenplay for a new, as-yet-titled comedy film in which Rannells will play the leading role. Although he’s been a shining and wildly popular supporting player on Girls, Rannells has only played the lead in a couple of other projects: most notably, the original run of The Book of Mormon musical and his canceled sitcom The New Normal.

Jersey Boys cast member Mike Doyle (who is also Rannells’ partner) will co-write the screenplay for the new film, with Judd Apatow producing. No plot details are known at this time, but does it really matter? Between Rannells and Apatow, this film is destined for greatness. Although Apatow has produced female-driven projects, he recently branched out by directing his very own female-centric film with Amy Schumer’s Trainwreck. The Rannells project also marks a new step for the comedy director, producing his first project featuring a gay actor in the leading role.

Rannells previously had a small role in the indie comedy Bachelorette, but his first major movie role is in Nancy Meyers’ upcoming film The Intern, starring Anne Hathaway and Robert De Niro. Doyle has appeared in the films Green Lantern and Rabbit Hole, and can be seen in the upcoming indie thriller and SXSW hit The Invitation, which recently acquired distribution through Drafthouse Films.