Angelina Jolie and the '50 Shades of Grey' movie? It's currently the hot rumor...

Jolie started her career as a sexy ingenue. From marrying Billy Bob Thorton to supposedly wearing a vial of blood around her neck, Jolie - in movies and photo spreads - seemed like the walking embodiment of a memorably crazy one night stand. For the last decade she's worked on becoming respectable, but we may see her dark, sexy side again if the rumors are true and she's up to direct 'Fifty Shades of Grey.'

Deadline Hollywood dropped this rumor, and it sounds like just that. Jolie is currently prepping her role in 'Maleficent,' so this is just either idle speculation, or pole positioning from Universal or Jolie's reps.

In our current cinematic climate, it's strange that the film is being made at all. There seems no way a film that features bondage and is all about sex could be released with anything less than an R rating, and it seems like a reach to think it'd be an Oscar picture. But the book has sold enough copies to ward off any trepidations that Universal might have about sinking money into a big screen version.

Jolie would be coming off her feature film debut 'In the Land of Blood and Honey,' and she would undoubtedly generate interest in the project if the leads are unknown. Even if the film is as terrible as we thought the book was, if it's a hit the positive would be that it could show Hollywood there is room for erotic cinema in the era of free internet pornography.