It was rumored not long ago that Angelina Jolie was eyeing the Captain Marvel directing gig over at Marvel Studios, but that rumor is now more of a reality as new reports confirm that Jolie is definitely being considered for the job. Not only that, but now that Michelle MacLaren is off Wonder Woman, it looks like Warner Bros. is also interested in having Jolie direct that film. Two female-driven superhero movies enter; only one can leave with Angelina Jolie.

According to Collider, Jolie basically has her pick of superhero films, but given her usual aesthetic, I wouldn’t be surprised to see her choose Wonder Woman over Captain Marvel. Her final decision likely rests on a couple of factors: First, which studio is offering a better deal? Second, can she fit one of these films into her schedule?

Jolie was heading into production on Africa with Brad Pitt, but that film has currently stalled over some financial conflicts. Perhaps she can squeeze a superhero film in before she settles those issues and gets back to Africa (both the continent and the film). Jolie’s films are typically affecting, very human stories about real struggles — two of the films she’s previously directed were based on harrowing true events; Africa is, as well.

With Marvel Studios taking the more fun approach to their films and Warner Bros. decidedly skewing more serious, the latter seems like the best bet — but Jolie could defy expectations and go for Captain Marvel, which would be pretty great. Jolie is a great choice for either film, either way.

Wonder Woman arrives in 2017, while Captain Marvel is set for release in 2018.