Boy, and we thought writing about how much the child stars of 'Modern Family' make per episode was as depressing as things would get this week.  Love or hate Charlie Sheen's FX comedy comeback vehicle 'Anger Management,' there's no denying that it's made a mint for the network.  And when it comes to Charlie Sheen, TV doesn't take half measures.  FX has officially picked up the option for an additional 90 episodes of the therapy three-camera, but what will be different about the new episodes?

'Two and a Half Men' may have slowed him down, but there's no stopping Charlie Sheen anymore.  According to TVLine, FX has officially opted to pick up the sitcom star's super-sized option for an additional 90 episodes of 'Anger Management,' to be joined by Charlie's father Martin Sheen as a series regular.  The elder Sheen had previously guested in the first 10 episodes, making it clear he'd be around for future visits.

Though critics have panned the series considerably, 'Anger Management' emerged as 2012's highest-rated new cable comedy series, averaging 4.53 million total weekly viewers, with 2.5 million of that between the coveted 18-49 demographic.

It remains unknown exactly how the additional 90 episodes will be structured considering the first "season" consisted of a mere 10 episodes, though production of 'Anger Management' is set to resume on September 24 for a likely air-date of January 2013.  Excuse us, while we go re-evaluate a few life decisions.

What say you?  Are you happy to have the Ma-Sheen churning out an addition 90 episodes of 'Anger Management?'  Would you still have preferred he stick with 'Two and a Half Men?'  Calmly give us your 'Anger Management' thoughts in the comments below!