“You can look forward to a new, animated Batman full-length 90 minute feature, coming out on the 50th anniversary.”

So sayeth Burt Ward, Robin the Boy Wonder on the 1960s Batman television show and film, at a recent convention appearance (via Ain’t It Cool), revealing that the iconic camp series’ 50th anniversary will be celebrated by he and co-star Adam West by providing their voices for a new animated movie done in the style of their old show. And to Burt Ward I sayeth: I can look forward to it, and I do look forward to it. Because that sounds fantastic.

A huge success in its day, remembered for its goofy humor, bright costumes, outlandish villains, and melodramatic cliffhangers, West and Ward’s Batman eventually became the black sheep of the comic-book adaptation world. Its arch, winking tone marked it as a dated relic, and its “Pow! Ziff! Gorff!” sound effects became a dismissive shorthand in a million mainstream news articles supposedly proclaiming comics “aren’t for kids any more” (while simultaneously implying that they should be). But as comics gained increasing cultural legitimacy in recent years, the ’60s Batman has undergone a bit of a reevaluation. Despite all that baggage, it was often an incredibly entertaining show.

DC now publishes a (very fun) Batman ’66 comic book, and the entire run of the series was recently released on Blu-ray. After decades of dismissal, ’60s Batman is kind of cool again. With the show’s golden anniversary upon us, it’s a perfect time to give West and Ward’s interpretations of the characters one last great moment in the spotlight (although Ward does also say in that video above that there could possibly be two animated projects in the works next year). Will the Dynamic Duo get a duo of dynamic DVDs to dazzle devout Bat-devotees? Tune in next blog post to find out: Same Bat-time, Sam Bat-website!

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