Anne Hathaway had been rumored to be joining Steven Spielberg's next film, 'Robopocalypse,' though there was never any formal word on her involvement. Well, today we get formal word from a most official source: Anne Hathaway, who confirms she will, in fact, star in 'Robopocalypse.'

The project has been on Spielberg's radar for a few years now and has agreed to make the film his next directorial effort after 'Lincoln' hits theaters. The director was reportedly looking at Hathaway, Chris Hemsworth ('Thor') and Ben Whishaw ('Skyfall') to star in the film and now Hathaway is confirmed as she tells Empire:

If Robopocalypse happens I will be in it and I believe it’s quite real, though you never want to hang your hat on anything.

If 'Robopocalypse' happens? Interesting choice of words. We have long thought that 'Robopocalpyse' would never happen for a variety of reasons but when the April, 2014 release date was announced, we figured we were wrong. But maybe not. We would not be surprised if Spielberg flakes out and winds up passing the project off to another director and Hathaway and the rest of the cast fall off the film. But as it stands now, it's a very, very interesting project (and not only because a big action movie has a female as the lead role).

Drew Goddard ('The Cabin in the Woods') is writing the script based off of Daniel H. Wilson's novel of the same name. Like 'World War Z,' the book is told in oral history form and like 'World War Z' the movie, it seems the 'Robopocalypse' movie may have little to do with the book (aside from the central plot of robots rising up to take over the world).

Aside from 'Les Miserables,' Hathaway doesn't another film on her to-do list so she's presumably ready and waiting for whenever Spielberg calls action.

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