The TV vampire craze seems more or less behind us, especially after The Vampire Diaries comes to a close in 2017, but could Anne Rice’s original bloodsuckers bring it back? We might find out, as rights to The Vampire Chronicles are officially primed for a TV series of “the highest quality,” according to the author.

No official deals to adapt the Vampire Chronicles characters (including the famed Lestat de Lioncourt, once played by Tom Cruise) are yet in place, though Rice herself detailed over Facebook that she’d begun putting together proposals for an ongoing TV adaptation:

The theatrical rights to the Vampire Chronicles are once again in my hands, free and clear! I could not be more excited about this! — A television series of the highest quality is now my dream for Lestat, Louis, Armand, Marius and the entire tribe. In this the new Golden Age of television, such a series is THE way to let the entire story of the vampires unfold. — My son Christopher Rice and I will be developing a pilot script and a detailed outline for an open ended series, faithfully presenting Lestat’s story as it is told in the books, complete with the many situations that readers expect to see. We will likely begin with “The Vampire Lestat” and move on from there.

Warner Bros. previously held the theatrical rights, first adapting the series into 1994's Interview with the Vampire (also starring Brad Pitt and Kirsten Dunst), and later recasting for 2002's Queen of the Damned. Imagine Entertainment attempted to adapt Tale of the Body Thief, with Universal trying again in 2014, but similarly stalling.

Both Rices would serve as executive producer, while Anne invoked Game of Thrones in envisioning “a faithful rendering of this material.” It’s early yet, but what should we hope for from a TV Vampire Chronicles?

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