There has been a lot of talk about the two Ant-Man post-credits scenes, specifically the one that sets up Captain America: Civil War. We talked about that one yesterday, as Sebastian Stan sought to explain a little bit about what was going on. Today, we’re going to talk about that other post-credits scene as Marvel has officially released a photo teasing a major new superhero in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Ant-Man spoilers ahead!

Wasp. YES. Though she’s sidelined for most of the actual film, at the end of Ant-Man, Hank Pym finally takes his daughter into a secret laboratory to show her something else he’s been working on, something especially for her. It’s an updated version of the Wasp suit that her mother, Janet, wore in a flashback sequence earlier in the movie. “It’s about damn time,” she says. Unfortunately, we have to wait to see Evangeline Lilly in the costume in a future Marvel movie, but we now have an official look at that suit.

Wasp costume Ant Man Post credits

The left side of the suit is still unfinished and Marvel reserves the right to update as-needed for any future movies, but this looks pretty perfect as is. If we’re being honest, we actually like the Wasp suit better than the Ant-Man suit. Maybe, like Hope, it’s just about damn time we see a female superhero costume in a Marvel movie.

Marvel has yet to confirm Ant-Man 2 and so far, in their schedule set through 2020, there is no slot for it, though they have said that could easily change. We know that Paul Rudd is confirmed to appear in Captain America: Civil War as Ant-Man, but Evangeline Lilly does not appear to be a part of that cast. If there is no Ant-Man 2, we can expect Wasp to show up in the last two Avengers movies, which will bring all the heroes from the Marvel Cinematic Universe together to defeat Thanos. But, doesn’t Wasp deserve an adventure of her own?

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