FX’s ‘Archer’ has sustained plenty of impressive guest voices over the years, but rarely does the script flip to see the rest of the world become animated. That said, watch Conan O’Brien get a sexual thrill out of killing in an ‘Archer’-ized short against Russian mobsters!

Our first bit of ‘Archer’-‘Conan’ crossover (spoiler alert: coming to a season 6 DVD near you) sees Sterling show up for an interview at the ‘Conan’ studio with trigger-happy Russian mobsters in pursuit, forcing Conan to join the super-spy on a high-speed chase around Los Angeles. In case you were wondering, yes, “phrasing” and “Danger Zone” are invoked, and Andy Richter dies horribly. As one would expect.

Its sixth season currently airing on FX, the latest run of ‘Archer’ features ‘The Americans’ star Matthew Rhys as a guest voice, along with ‘Sons of Anarchy’’s CCH Pounder, and ‘Community’ star Keith David (as Lana’s parents). Additionally, FX ‘Fargo’ breakout Allison Tolman will lend her voice to the role of Pam’s sister Edie, with ‘Silicon Valley’ favorite Kumail Nanjiani making a guest turn and Christian Slater reprising his role as CIA liaison “Slater.”

We’ve included the latest ‘Archer’ trailer below, but check out ‘Conan’'s entry into the animated super-spy world above, and tell us what you make of the short in the comments!