The ‘Archer’ gang will beat its 2015 FX brethren to the punch with a season 6 premiere as early as Thursday, but the former ISIS gang won’t leave any network stars behind. Not only has ‘The Americans’ star Matthew Rhys been tapped as a guest star for the animated spy comedy’s sixth season, but so too has ‘Sons of Anarchy’’s CCH Pounder, and ‘Community’ guest Keith David.

So sayeth show creator Adam Reed to Entertainment Weekly, in a piece that also details an aborted season 6 idea that would have landed ‘Archer’ and co. in prison for their ‘Vice’ crimes. And while we don’t yet know what role Matthew Rhys will take in the animated spy world, CCH Pounder and Keith David will rather appropriately play Lana’s parents.

As earlier revealed, the sixth (and not final) ‘Archer’ season will also see FX ‘Fargo’ breakout Allison Tolman lending her voice to the role of Pam’s sister Edie, with ‘Silicon Valley’ favorite Kumail Nanjiani also making a guest turn. Additionally, Christian Slater will reprise his role as CIA liaison “Slater,” now that the team reports to the government, rather than maintain the unfortunately-timed “ISIS” name.

The sixth season of ‘Archer’ will premiere this very Thursday, January 8 on FX, but what say you? Are you ready for another round of spy shenanigans, with or without the ‘Vice’ of season 5? Who would you like to see next lending their voice to the show?