Anyone keeping up with the seventh season of FX’s Archer likely panicked over its finale cliffhanger, especially as the network had yet to confirm additional seasons. Now, Figgis Detective Agency (or whatever we’re doing next) will be back in spades, as FX confirms a whopping three (!) more seasons for Archer.

FX made the announcement mid-Tuesday, granting three additional seasons of eight episodes apiece for 2017, 2018 and 2019. Good thing, too, considering - SPOILER ALERT - the Archer Season 7 finale seemingly killed off the title super-spy, last seen face-down in a pool with multiple gunshot wounds.

Says FX:

We can’t say enough about what Adam, Matt and the entire Archer team at Floyd County have done to keep this series so insanely funny and vital through seven seasons. The move to Los Angeles this past season as private detectives was just the latest twist in Archer’s legendary exploits and the next three seasons will to be just as amazing and unpredictable. We are thrilled to continue making great TV with our friends and colleagues at Floyd County.

Worth noting, Archer boss Matt Thompson previously spoke to three competing ideas for a potential eighth season, one of which would center around Archer’s faithful (albeit little-seen after George Coe’s death) manservant Woodhouse.

The future of Archer is well-assured, but what should we hope for from Seasons 8, 9 and 10?

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