Warner Bros. Interactive has launched its ‘Be the Batman’ trailer for Batman: Arkham Knight. This video features a simple, but awesome premise. It starts off by showing a few people in some dangerous situations. A man walking through an alley gets cornered by a group of would-be muggers. A heavily injured basketball player grimaces while being bandaged. Hooligans terrorize an old man in a subway car while multiple onlookers try to ignore the injustice in front of them. The last scary situation features firefighters struggling to contain an explosive inferno while a woman is trapped by a second story window, surrounded by flames.

We get multiple messages flashing across the screen, followed by heroic responses to each of the situations. As the words “Be Selfless” appear on screen, a firefighter charges straight into the burning building to save the woman. The injured basketball player walks back onto the court while the words “Be Determined” are flashed across his face. A wimpy guy in a business suit stands up to the subway hoodlums with the words “Be Courageous” appearing on screen, inspiring the other bystanders in the subway car to stand up with him. The man in the alleyway balls up an intense fist while “Be Feared” flashes before his eyes, and he starts swinging on his assailants. We then see the Dark Knight's face with the words “Be the Batman” in front of his visage. Surprisingly, his eyes look exactly like the ones of the guy from the alleyway. This trailer plays off of the idea Bruce Wayne referred to throughout The Dark Knight Rises — Batman can be anybody. Of course, Batman is also a billionaire with extensive training, but that shouldn't stop a person from doing what's right.

Batman: Arkham Knight will make its anticipated debut on June 23 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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