In 1992, Sam Raimi unleashed the third film in his 'Evil Dead' series. Continuing the campier, slapstick feel of 'Evil Dead 2,' 'Army of Darkness' follows Bruce Campbell's Ash as he's transported back to the middle ages to once again fight the evil dead. 'Army of Darkness' delighted fans, but also left them hungry for more adventures with Ash and his legendary boomstick.

21 years later and with rumors of a sequel on the horizon, we look back at the cast of the film and see where they are now.

Bruce Campbell, Ash Williams

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Then: Bruce Campbell reprised his role of Ash Williams in 'Army of Darkness,' the third 'Evil Dead' film. This time around, Ash is a retail clerk who is unwittingly transported back to the middle ages to fight the evil dead ... again.

Now: Campbell stars in the USA series 'Burn Notice,' and made an uncredited cameo at the end of the 2013 'Evil Dead' remake. Campbell reunited with director Sam Raimi for cameos in each of his 'Spider-Man' films and in 'Oz the Great and Powerful.'

Embeth Davidtz, Sheila

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Then: One of British actress Embeth Davidtz' earliest roles was in 'Army of Darkness' as Sheila, the sister of one of Lord Arthur's dead knights. Former porn star and actress Traci Lords auditioned for the part before it went to Davidtz.

Now: Davidtz had a recurring role on 'Mad Men' as Rebecca, wife of Lane Pryce, and on the Showtime series 'Californication' as Felicia Koons. She recently appeared in 'The Amazing Spider-Man' and 'Paranoia.'

Marcus Gilbert, Lord Arthur

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Then: Marcus Gilbert played Lord Arthur, the man who would go on to become king. Gilbert actually had food poisoning while filming one of the climactic battle scenes.

Now: Gilbert, a classically trained theatre actor from the UK, has appeared in the films 'An Ideal Husband' and 'Freebird.' He regularly performs in stage plays, and has made over 50 commercials. In addition to acting, Gilbert runs his own production company.

Bridget Fonda, Linda

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Then: Bridget Fonda had a small role (a cameo, really) as Linda, Ash's girlfriend. Fonda's part was supposed to be expanded, but was cut due to time constraints.

Now: Fonda has appeared in the films 'Point of No Return,' 'Single White Female,' and 'Kiss of the Dragon.' Her last credited role was in the 2002 TV movie 'Snow Queen,' in which she played the title role. She is married to film composer Danny Elfman.

Patricia Tallman, Possessed Witch

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Then: Patricia Tallman, who appeared on 'Star Trek: The Next Generation,' 'Deep Space Nine,' and 'Voyager,' donned some seriously heavy make-up to play the evil possessed witch.

Now: Tallman has appeared on the shows 'Without a Trace' and 'Castle,' and in the film 'Atlas Shrugged: Part II.' She is good friends with TV and movie writer and producer J. Michael Straczynski, and is the CEO of his production company.

Ted Raimi, Cowardly Warrior/Supportive Villager/Anthony

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Then: Director Sam Raimi's brother Ted has made cameo appearances in almost all of his movies.

Now: Ted Raimi was a series regular on 'SeaQuest DSV' and on 'Xena: Warrior Princess,' the latter of which was executive produced by his brother Sam. He most recently appeared in 'Oz the Great and Powerful.'

Angela Featherstone, Girl in S-Mart Store

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Then: Angela Featherstone's first role was a small part in 'Army of Darkness' as "Girl in S-Mart Store."

Now: Featherstone went on to appear in the films 'Con Air,' 'The Wedding Singer,' and '200 Cigarettes,' and she had a small arc on the hit NBC series 'Friends.' In recent years she's appeared on the shows 'The Mentalist' and 'Girls.'