We understand that even the broadcast networks have their target audiences, and none would he half as strong as they are today without following up on those demographics.  And we understand that 'Arrow' isn't all about pleasing the boys with high-octane DC superhero action, that the ladies need something to grab hold of as well.  That said, we can't help laughing at The CW's latest promo for the arrowed avenger, which feature next to no indication 'Arrow' has anything to do with superheroes.

We chuckled a bit when 'Arrow' released its official poster, featuring a shirtless Stephen Amell as Green Arrow alter-ego Oliver Queen, sans any notion of costume apart from the bow.  The CW notably skews to ladies, so why make a fuss?  That's how we felt until the "Ladies Love Oliver Queen" promo hit the airwaves, which not only ignores the costumed super-heroism of the series, but the fact that it's about a superhero at all.

Sure, ladies love a bad boy, but don't you think ladies like having some idea what kind of show they're tuning in for as well?  Well leave this one to you, female friends.  Does the latest promo for The CW's 'Arrow' get you at all interested in the series?  Can Stephen Amell sell you without the slightest hint of what his character does on the series?

Check out the new 'Arrow' promo, and tell us what you think in the comments!