Though it seems like an eternity away, tomorrow's all-new 'Arrow' installment "Home Invasion" will both return a DC favorite and introduce a shadowy new character, but it's the upcoming finale episodes "The Undertaking" and "Sacrifice" that have us the most primed. Not only will the mysterious "Undertaking" finally be revealed, but Malcolm Merlyn will make his major play, and a major DC character will be alluded to in passing! Is 'Arrow' breaking its "no superpowers" rule already?

The final episodes of 'Arrow's' first season will prove as revelatory as they are action-packed, with Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) finally confronting the Dark Archer that bested him earlier, all the while desperately trying to thwart the mysterious "Undertaking." The actual "Undertaking" episode will take fans further into the past than ever before, prior to Oliver's fateful voyage in order to better illustrate the finale's scope and meaning.

And while Oliver has plenty else to deal with past and present, including Tommy (Colin Donnell)'s conflict of knowing Oliver's secret, Diggle's revenge quest against Deadshot and Oliver's changing relationship with Shado (Celina Jade) back on the Island, executive producer Marc Guggenheim tells TVGuide that season finale "Sacrifice" really brings things full circle:

"It is the fight to end all fights," said Guggenheim of Oliver's ultimate showdown with Malcolm Merlyn's Dark Archer. "It's a culmination of our season-long mythology as well as the character dynamics that really were set up in the pilot, both in terms of Moira's duplicity and the love triangle between Oliver, Laurel and Tommy."

One detail that should certainly drive DC fans wild is the culmination of past Oliver's efforts to stop Edward Fyers from using his "Scylla" missile launcher to shoot down an aircraft, belonging to one Ferris Air! Surely Green Lantern would violate 'Arrow's' superpowers rule, but a little nod toward the larger DC universe goes a long way.

We'll be keeping our eyes peeled for future 'Arrow' goodies as former 'Angel' and future 'Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.' star J. August Richards tangles with Oliver in tomorrow's "Home Invasion," bu what say you? Are you looking forward to seeing where 'Arrow' goes in its first season finale? Give us your predictions in the comments!

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