Arrow fans were in for a big treat with tonight’s “The Fallen,” as DC dropped some major mythology, while Oliver and Felicity just plain dropped it. Yes, Olicity shippers, the inevitable has finally come to pass, and it was everything we always imagined it would be. Oh, and some stuff happened with Oliver, Thea and the League too, but we’ll get to that!

You’re warned of all the spoilers from tonight’s “The Fallen” from here on out, but after three seasons of waiting, it finally happened, folks. Spurred on by Ra’s al Ghul himself to use her remaining time with Oliver wisely, Felicity sought out the former Arrow in his Nanda Parbat accommodations, finally dropping the big “L” word, along with quite a few pretenses (and clothes) of their tender three-year relationship. Desires were made flesh. Love was made. They had the sex, guys, is…is what I’m saying. But why talk about it, when you can GIF?

Of course, you might remember a few minor details that led us to Nanda Parbat in the first place, as Oliver discovered his sister bleeding out from a stab wound, rushed her to the hospital and subsequently learned that she’d likely never wake again. The always-helpful Maseo appeared to inform Oliver that Ra’s would be happy to heal Thea in exchange for taking his place, even though Malcolm cautioned against using the Lazarus Pit (yep, they named it!). One broken-hearted loan of Ray’s private jet later, the group was off to Nanda Parbat.

As for Thea’s so-called “resurrection?” There was some chanting, what appeared to be a League priestess, and a quick dip in the pool for a white-clad Thea, before Oliver’s kid sister burst forth from the pool in a feral state, eminently confused by her surroundings. A bit of temporary memory loss set things back, but for the most part, the one-time Speedy seemed back to herself. Well, ish.

Following the aforementioned Olicity’s culmination, Oliver seemed resigned to shedding either identity to remain in Nanda Parbat, spurring Felicity to act impulsively in an attempt to drug and kidnap rescue her former boss.

A helpful reminder, first.

However surprised by Felicity’s reckless plan, Diggle and Malcolm reluctantly agreed to attempt escape from the fortress, even receiving some unexpected aid from Maseo. You see, an earlier heart-to-heart with Diggle had sparked the last of Maseo’s old identity, as the warrior confirmed that he’d lost his only child Akio some years earlier.

Sadly, Ra’s and the League caught up before the team could make it through the catacombs, only sparing their lives when a groggy Oliver stepped up to his role as Al Sah-Him, and demanded they back down. Leading his friends outside, Oliver said some tenderly bro-tastic goodbyes to both Thea and Diggle, saving the most emotional farewells for Felicity. We’re still crying just thinking about it, so let’s go back to bro-ing, please and thank you.

And then that was it! Oliver joined the League of Assassins, and the show ended forever. At least in the past, we got to see Oliver, Maseo and Tatsu pursuing General Shrieve’s men in their attempt to release the Alpha-Omega virus over Hong Kong, only to discover they’d been pursuing a decoy. The trio caught up with the real perpetrators in a crowded marketplace, but Oliver tragically broke the vial in an effort to retrieve the virus. Things may not look so good for Akio after that.

Back in Starling’s present, Thea awoke to her father relaying the harsh truth that Oliver had given his life to the League, providing small comfort that Malcolm had been released from his debt, and subsequently made available as a father. Felicity similarly delivered the bad news to Laurel, while over in Nanda Parbat, Oliver finally shed his former identities once and for all. A quick branding to the back and some spiffy new threads later, Oliver Queen was reborn…as Al Sah-Him. Thanks for watching, everyone! Show’s over forever, goodbye!

Although, judging by the ferocity with which Felicity confronted Ra’s, I think we all know who Starling’s next protector should be. In fact, forget the Arrow. Ferocity Smoak is born.

The League dare not mess.

Well, what now? Will Oliver’s pals make a return trip to Nanda Parbat to return the Arrow to Starling? Will Roy make a quick return to fill in for his mentor, or has responsibility fallen to Laurel? Can someone please call Barry, so we can see The Flash take on Ra’s al Ghul and the entire League in one fell swoop? Check out the latest (spoilery!) Season 3 trailers below, and stay tuned for more on Arrow‘s latest twist in next week’s “Al Sah-Him”!