In what could be the strangest modern development in the comic-book universe, a poster has been revealed that hints at a 'Wonder Twins' movie starring two veterans of 'That '70s Show,' Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis. There are a couple options for what this could mean, but it's more than likely we're being Justin Biebered.

Superhero Hype

There are of course other options. One being that DC is making an animated feature or  -- considering their growing television empire -- are working on something for the Cartoon Network. Heck, it could even be something that comes during the Adult Swim lineup, a goof on the characters best known for taking the form of a gorilla and a bucket of water.

The other option is that this is a gag poster to rile fans up or is for the upcoming 'Entourage' movie. The later seems possible as the show once had Vincent Chase starring in 'Aquaman' for James Cameron. Then again, if this was for the 'Entourage' movie, shouldn't it be a poster for an 'Aquaman' sequel? This smells like a cow pasture, but we'll keep you updated.