Director Ava DuVernay is a stylish woman in a pretty general sense, but it was doubly impressive that she came so extremely correct to the Oscars last month. As Nick Kroll and John Mulaney noted in their monologue at the Independent Spirit Awards slightly beforehand, DuVernay had just gotten off of a globe-crossing flight so that she could return to Hollywood from New Zealand, where she‘s been hard at work shooting her adaptation of fantasy novel A Wrinkle in Time. (And making history while she’s at it, as the first black female director to command a budget of $100 million.) It would appear that shooting on this grand undertaking has recently come to an end, with DuVernay now allowing the public a little glimpse at their production via Twitter.

While the photo that the director posted online aren’t actual stills from the film itself, regardless, they offer a little preview of what looks like a lush epic to come. In addition to showing her with her devoted crew (which includes a heartening number of female and black faces), one post shows DuVernay in such sweeping natural vistas as a forest and rolling grassy hill:

The post directly afterward has more of a mic-drop feel for it, simply captioned, “WRINKLE IN TIME. In theaters. April 6, 2018.” (With the all-important crown emoji, naturally.) The dramatic image shows her pint-size stars standing in a light from above, flanked on either side by the director and her crew just out of frame.

To employ a time-tested critical parlance: this gun be gud. The only frustrating aspect of this mini-reveal would be that with post-production not yet underway, it should be a while until we see a trailer for the picture. But this appears to be a film worth having patience for.

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