'The Avengers' Blu-ray will hit stores in September, but Marvel released a teaser for the upcoming home video release: the post-credits scene that shows off the presumed 'Avengers 2' villain Thanos.

The post-credits scene (not the shawarma one) was a big secret Marvel had been working on and shooting during production of 'The Avengers' (though there were some rumors that Thanos would make an appearance). It's a little surprising to see that Marvel has released the scene online but I guess when your movie makes over $1 billion, you assume most people have seen your "secret" scene.

Thanos, the so-called "Mad Titan," is one of the Eternals, consumed with the desire to destroy and conquest. The line below about "courting death" is a wink to Marvel fans as Thanos fell madly in love with the female personification of Death and in an attempt to win her affection, attempted to erase half of all life in the universe with the Infinity Gauntlet (also widely believed to be the plot of 'Avengers 2').

If you never saw the Thanos post-credits scene from 'The Avengers' or just want to see it again in advance of the Blu-ray release, check out the official HD video below!