Ben Flajnik, the man at the center of the 16th season of ABC's 'The Bachelor' gave his last remaining rose to widely despised Courtney Robertson.  Then he went home and watched the show. Ooops!

As was revealed in last night's "After the Final Rose" segment, Ben saw another side of his bride-to-be on the show.  When she wasn't charming the season seven 'The Bachelorette' runner-up, Robertson's claws were coming out with the ladies in the house.

The Bachelor

Of course, Flajnik wasn't privy to this during the taping and apparently his experience on "The Bachelor's" equally contrived counterpart, "The Bachelorette" didn't make him hip to the jig.

That's not to say there won't be a happy ending for Robertson and Flajnik.  Though he was disturbed by Robertson's behavior on the show, 'The Bachelor' star told host Chris Harrison that after dumping his fiance around Valentine's Day (classy), he's now committed to making the relationship work.

With the rock back on her finger by episode's end, Robertson and Flajnik renewed their engagement.  The countdown begins now...

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