We recently featured a trailer for the upcoming film 'Bachelorette,' starring Kirsten Dunst, Lizzy Caplan, and Isla Fischer as the worst bridesmaids in the history of womankind. But this totally NSFW red band trailer manages to make them look even worse.

The first trailer seemed a bit too safe and friendly for a film about three obnoxious women who've been chosen to be bridesmaids for the high school friend they used to lovingly refer to as "Pigface" (Rebel Wilson, who is strangely not credited in this trailer). Word from Sundance this January for 'Bachelorette' was very positive, and the red band trailer gives us a better idea of what all the buzz is about.

It opens with Lizzy Caplan explaining her ranking system for oral sex to Horatio Sanz, followed by mentions of cocaine, more oral sex, a wedding dress covered in some questionable bodily fluids and ending with even more oral sex. The film co-stars Adam Scott and James Marsden and looks like a suitable follow-up to the girls-gone-bad films of last year like 'Bridesmaids' (obviously) and 'Young Adult.' The women are raunchy and, well, sort of horrible. And we're really into it.

Check out the red band trailer below, courtesy of Funny or Die, and check out the film when it hits VOD August 10 in anticipation of its September 7 theatrical release.

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