This is heavy: the first look at the 'Back to the Future' Delorean in Lego form has arrived, which should have all fans of Marty McFly flying high!

Hitting stores on July 18, the LEGO DeLorean can be modified in three different ways to represent all three movies, and the same goes for the figurines that come with it. The set also includes Marty and Doc Brown, a booklet with production photos and "fun details" for fans of the movie.

According to, the DeLorean Time Machine was the fourth project approved by LEGO Cuusoo for production after reaching the crucial 10,000 vote support criteria in 2012 and then passing through LEGO's rigorous review process. As the tagline goes: if you put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything! Well done, BTTF fans!

So mark it down: July 18, is when you can get your meat hooks on this thing. (Which, perhaps not coincidentally, is when San Diego Comic-Con is in full swing. Coincidence?) Now when do we get a Biff Tannen Lego character?!