The cat's out of the bag. 'BaneCat,' a spoof video featuring a feline dressed up as the infamous 'Dark Knight Rises' villain as he torments his owner with sadistic taunts, returns for 'BaneCat 2' ... and he's not alone.

Where last we left BaneCat, he was stumbling across his owner creating a "for sale" sign in an attempt to do away with the household tormentor, to which the kitty replied, "We both know I'm going to have to kill you now." So did he? Spoiler alert -- no! Instead, he's taken to the vet where we get our first look at his new partner-in-crime: Joker Cat!

If you enjoyed the first installment (embedded below), you'll once again get a kick out of the seamless application of 'Dark Knight' trilogy quotes with everyday cat-owner situations, making this the perfect combination of Bane and a cat playing with a rumba.

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