The Six Flags theme park empire has held the DC superhero license for some time now, which has led to countless attractions named after the likes of Superman, Batman, the Green Lantern and others. With Warner Bros. doubling down on 'Batman vs. Superman' and 'Justice League' in the next few years, it makes perfect sense that Six Flags parks would take advantage of the situation and start building new rides named after these iconic characters.

And that brings us to Batman: The Ride, which will be opening in San Antonio's Six Flags: Fiesta Texas next year. In short: it looks insane.

This "4D free fly coaster" features drops so steep that they go beyond 90 degrees, Batman: The Ride looks like a singularly terrifying and stomach-churning experience. The track layout is deceptively simple -- the ride vehicles suspend riders over the sides of the tracks and their seats rotate freely. Yes, that means you'll be flipping head over heels with every drop and bump.

This particular coaster design has existed for a few years now, but this is the first time (to our knowledge) that one has been painted bright yellow and named after popular culture's favorite comic book vigilante. Six Flags: Fiesta Texas has its fair share of solid coasters (including the recently refurbished Iron Rattler), but Batman: The Ride looks poised to become a major selling point for the park in the years ahead. After all, the key to keeping attendance up is to keep the people surprised and puking!

[Trivia: there are actually several roller coasters called Batman: The Ride throughout Six Flags parks, including an iconic inverted coaster at Dallas' Six Flags Over Texas. However, this will be Fiesta Texas' first attraction to bear that name ... but it won't be its first Batman-themed attraction! The park used to feature a roller coaster called The Joker's Revenge, which was a disarming purple and themed after the Dark Knight's nemesis, but the attraction was dismantled several years ago.]

Anyway, Batman: The Ride will open at Six Flags: Fiesta Texas will open in the summer of 2015. You should probably wait to eat lunch until after you've gone on it.

[via Slashfilm]

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