Over the weekend, iconic Batman voice actor Kevin Conroy got fans' hopes up when he talked about working on a new Arkham game at Dallas Comic Con. On Monday, the actual voice cast for Batman: Arkham Origins was announced, and Conroy was nowhere to be seen. That's because Conroy was talking about an entirely different Arkham game that hasn't even been announced yet.

At the panel, Kevin Conroy talked about what is was like working on this new Arkham game, which everyone thought to mean Arkham Origins. “It’s an unbelievable game,” Conroy said. “I still can’t say anything about it... but it’s amazing. It’s a huge, huge cast, and a big story, and it took almost a year to write and put together. They’ve been working on it for a long time.” It wasn't until Conroy took to his Twitter to clarify things that the story took an interesting turn.

In a since-deleted tweet (capture by Comic Book Resources), Conroy stated, "Confusion in Dallas! I am in new Arkham Game coming soon, not Arkham Origins coming this fall." Yeah, that means there's another Arkham game in the works that nobody knows about. Arkham Origins has a new developer in WB Montreal, which certainly leaves Rocksteady free to do whatever it is they want. Rumors last year indicated there might be a bigger, badder Batman game in the works at Rocksteady, which would have featured Justice League characters as well. Everyone gave up on that dream once Arkham Origins was revealed, but maybe there's still something big coming to next generation consoles.

It'll likely be a while until we find out more about this yet-to-be-revealed Batman: Arkham game, but at least we know Batman: Arkham Origins won't be the last time we see the Dark Knight in action.