Rocksteady may be out of the picture when it comes to Batman: Arkham Origins, but WB Montreal's latest trailer shows the new developer definitely isn't backing down from the challenge of taking up the reins.

This latest video showcases a lot of Batman's rogues gallery in the upcoming sequel, including looks at previously revealed Bane, the Joker, Black Mask, Copperhead, Deathstroke and newcomer, Firefly. All pose a seriously major threat to the Dark Knight, particularly at this early point in his career.

We also get to see more of the Batcave, Alfred and Jim Gordon, all of which has our inner fanboy clapping. With just a few months to go until we can finally play Arkham Origins, this trailer has definitely gotten our palms sweaty with anticipation.

Check out the footage, and let us know which Bat-villain you can't wait to take on in the comments below.