With the announcement that Ben Affleck will play the Dark Knight in the Batman and Superman-centric 'Man of Steel 2,' it reminds us how many actors were rumored or have played the part. Disregarding Batmans past, like Michael Keaton and George Clooney, there were a number of actors in contention. But who would you like to see play Batman in the movie?

Obviously Ben Affleck has the job, but the Christopher Nolan Bat-films could have provided either Christian Bale (even though he said he wouldn't return) or Joseph Gordon-Levitt (who, in a spoiler for a year old movie, seemingly took up the mantle at the end of 'The Dark Knight Rises'). Both offered a reasonable connection to the previous universe, which may have been the reason why neither got it.

We also heard not so long ago that , Ryan Gosling and were considered for the part. That may have been wishful thinking as so many rumors are these days.

But forget all that noise, who would you like to see putting on the cape and cowl as the next Batman? Vote in our poll and comment below!