The multiplayer extravaganza known as Battlefield 4 won't be coming out until October, so more incentives to pre-order have been announced in order for retailers to snatch up those sweet game reservations. One of the latest pre-order bonuses is from GameStop and features a kit that will help you rule the skies.

According to MP1st, GameStop will be gifting its Power-Up Reward members with an Air Unlock Shortcut Kit upon pre-ordering the title. This nifty kit allows you instant access to all of the unlocks for the Attack Helicopter, Jets, and Scout Helicopter.

You'll be a veritable terror of the skies thanks to this kit and all it will cost you is a small deposit toward the game. Oh, and make sure you're a Power-Up Reward member, otherwise you won't be getting the aerial bonuses.

Battlefield 4 will be hitting stores on October 29, 2013 for PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360. Let us know if you'll be heading to GameStop in order to secure your Air Unlock Shortcut Kit.