Spectator Mode is coming back to Battlefield 4 and now it's better than ever before. Just how will you be able to view everything on the battlefield?

A post on the Battlefield blog shows us how Spectator Mode will work in Battlefield 4. When you find a server you like, you can join as a Spectator. There are four Spectator slots per server that don't count towards the server's player cap, so you could potentially have 64 players, 2 Commanders and 4 Spectators.

You'll be able to choose from First Person, Third Person, Tabletop and Freecam views in Spectator Mode. First Person mode, as you might imagine, lets you see through the eyes of a specific player. You could even pretend like you were playing yourself.

Third Person gives you and overhead view of a specific player. According to the post, this view "captures the chaos of all-out war in a more cinematic way." You might as well get some popcorn and pretend you're watching a movie to augment this mode.

Tabletop is similar to the Commander Mode screen and lets you select different units and even starting points. Once you select something that has a camera, you'll be able to see what they see in the small, picture-in-picture screen.

Freecam Mode gives you access to 5 different cameras that have been placed by DICE on the map. You can freely move these around as you wish, just in case you wanted to create your own cinematic BF4 moments. Or you can pretend like you're a ghost and fly around the action.

Check the link to see more specifics about the Spectator Mode and how you can become a more competitive gamer just by utilizing it. Battlefield 4 will be released on Oct. 29 for PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. The next-gen versions will launch with their respective consoles.