We really don’t know what the sequel to Beetlejuice is going to look like. It's been through so many iterations at this point it’s hard to tell. Luckily, we have just the littlest bit of information from none other than Danny Elfman. Elfman is a frequent collaborator with Tim Burton, producing some of his most iconic scores for the director. He's also known as the frontman for the post-punk band Oingo Boingo once upon a time.

He also has a habit of hanging around the set while working on scores for most of his projects. He recently spoke with Deadline where he shared what he knows about the upcoming film.

I love being a fly on the wall when he’s shooting. I’ll be doing that in a couple of months, as you may know, on another Tim Burton project. That is very exciting, to return to that world.


Warner Bros.
Warner Bros.

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He also pointed out that those who have doubts about Michael Keaton returning to one of his signature roles all these years later, should not worry. He said the character is “not even going to look that much different.” As he put it:

That’s the beauty of the Beetlejuice makeup. He already looked like he was 150 in the first one'. It’s perfect, you know? Everybody else has to play the next generation, except for Michael. I mean, he’s still like really fit and really active and really on it. And with the Beetlejuice makeup, I can’t even imagine it’s going to look like he’s changed practically at all.

Various rumors are floating around right now about casting and plot, like that Jenna Ortega is going to play Lydia Deetz’s daughter. As of now, that’s just a fan theory. We hope they don't go for the “Beetlejuice in Hawaii” idea that was originally in the works way back when.

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