Current 'Being Human' star Sam Huntington will be venturing to a different Syfy set, and not by accident.   The former 'Superman Returns' star will make a guest appearance on fellow Syfy show 'Warehouse 13' for their coming season, not playing a ware-wolf (get it?) thankfully, but rather a young jazz musician named Ethan, who showrunner Jack Kenny says, "is desperate to leave his mark on the world of New Orleans jazz, even if it means a great sacrifice."

Thankfully his time spent on 'Warehouse 13' wont detract from the second season of 'Being Human,' still airing until its season finale next month.  Huntington tells E! of the chance to cross universes, "my plot on the show is really interesting because I'm a fan of the genre, so it's cool to be on a different sci-fi show with different rules for the world."  And, he elaborates, "The artifact is not what you're led to believe."

'Warehouse 13' boss Jack Kenny calls Huntington a "natural fit" for the show, which remains in production of its fourth season.  'Warehouse 13' certainly won't be the last Syfy fans see of Sam Huntington either, as 'Being Human' has already been renewed for a third season. At the end of the current season, Huntington promises "they're all in crazy peril both individually and as a unit. If we ended the show right now, people would be so furious!"

Do you like the idea of Syfy stars crossing into each others shows, or is Huntington just not Huntington without six hours-makeup worth of Werewolf on him?  Are you anticipating the fourth season of 'Warehouse 13?'  Give us a howl with your thoughts down below!