Ben Affleck is turning into a bit of a directorial hoarder, and now he's adding an adaptation of the upcoming historical novel 'Bunker Hill: A City, A Siege, A Revolution' to his ever-expanding list of projects.

Deadline reports that while Ben Affleck is busy prepping an adaptation of Dennis Lehane's 'Live By Night' (in which he'll also star), he's also snatched up another adaptation -- Nathaniel Philbrick's 'Bunker Hill: A City, A Siege, A Revolution,' a book set to be published in April. Warner Bros. has the rights to the book, which they're holding for Affleck to direct, you know, whenever he's good and ready. 'Argo' screenwriter Chris Terrio is set to write the script for the film, putting the award-winning band back together once again.

The historical novel takes place in Affleck's hometown of Boston (obviously), where the Patriots fought against British troops following the Boston Tea Party. The synopsis:

Boston in 1775 is an island city occupied by British troops after a series of incendiary incidents by patriots who range from sober citizens to thuggish vigilantes. After the Boston Tea Party, British and American soldiers and Massachusetts residents  have warily maneuvered around each other until April 19, when violence finally erupts at Lexington and Concord.  In June, however, with the city cut off from supplies by a British blockade and Patriot militia poised in siege, skirmishes give way to outright war in the Battle of Bunker Hill. It would be the bloodiest battle of the Revolution to come, and the point of no return for the rebellious colonists.

They might as well attach a neon sign blinking "FOR YOUR CONSIDERATION" to this thing if they haven't already.