We’d previously heard some rumblings about Ben Affleck possibly directing and starring in a solo Batman film for Warner Bros. and DC, and although the WB Comic-Con panel isn’t until this Saturday, we’ve already got major news: Affleck has been confirmed to direct, star in and co-write the solo Batman film with DC Comics’ own Geoff Johns.

Just when you thought you couldn’t possibly be interested in yet another Batman reboot, along comes Ben Affleck. Per Deadline, Affleck is teaming with Johns to co-write the new solo film, while Affleck will direct the project when he’s completed Live By Night — that film begins shooting this November, which would put Affleck behind the camera on Batman sometime next year, and also further cements his status as perhaps the busiest man in Hollywood right now.

You probably know Geoff Johns from his well-deserved post as DC Comics’ chief creative officer, and from his many excellent comic book contributions throughout the years — including stories for Batman, Aquaman, Green Lantern, Justice League and many more. His work on Green Lantern is particularly acclaimed, and he wrote the Batman books Earth One, Gotham Knights, and the one-shot DC Comics Presents: Batman.

While some of WB and DC’s film choices have seemed a bit flawed, one thing is for certain: a new Batman film co-written and directed by Ben Affleck is a must-see. Affleck may be the best decision WB has made in the DCU thus far.

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