While everyone has a different taste in books, there are certain works that are undeniable classics. At least that’s what our high school English teachers tell us. And there’s a good chance you’ve read all those “undeniable classics” in the context of an English class at some point in your life. (Possibly aloud while your friend laughed at your iambic pentameter.)

While many book-to-movie adaptations fall miserably flat, some of the great pieces of English literature have served as framework to successful films over the years. No matter how fascinating — or boring, no judgement — you found these books, it’s worth it to experience their stories in a visual medium. (Or you could just watch the movies as cinematic ClfifsNotes and skip the books entirely. Not that we would ever do that. But you could if you wanted. Again, no judgment.)

Here now are the 10 best movies inspired by books your English teacher forced you to read.

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