Well, this isn’t entirely surprising. Last year, Paramount announced a formal release date for Beverly Hills Cop 4, the first new installment in the franchise since 1994's Beverly Hills Cop 3. But then Eddie Murphy got to talking about it, and talking about it some more — most notably with Rolling Stone back in January, when he said he wasn’t doing the sequel…not without a good script, anyway. And Paramount apparently agrees, as they’ve taken Beverly Hills Cop 4 off their release schedule.

The Wrap reports that the sequel is, for the time being, off the calendar at Paramount. It would appear that Paramount and Murphy have not been able to find a good script — and there’s a chance they may never find one that Murphy deems satisfactory. Reviving Beverly Hills Cop is a bit of a gamble for the studio, and although the franchise proved itself in the ‘80s and early ‘90s, there’s no use in bringing Murphy back for another round unless they can make a decent go of it.

Beverly Hills Cop 4 remains “in development,” although it has definitely stalled out for the time being. Jerry Bruckheimer is returning to produce with Brett Ratner slated to direct the sequel, which would see Murphy’s Axel Foley returning to his hometown of Detroit.

The film was scheduled to hit theaters on March 25, 2016, pitting it against Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and if we’re being honest here, that was never going to end well.

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