When Disney purchased Marvel in 2009 for $4 billion, many fans immediately began speculating on when we'd get our first Disney-animated Marvel superhero movie. Well, that time is coming this November with the release of 'Big Hero 6,' the upcoming Disney film based on the Marvel comic from the 90s. They might not be as well known as The Avengers or X-Men, but that could change very soon. Today, we have a first look at the characters from the film and the making of one of the big heroes.

USA Today provides us with the first three photos from the film in advance of the trailer debut this coming Thursday. The trailer, and these pics, provide our introduction to Hiro Hamada and the big, squishy robot named Baymax. Hiro is a "fast-talking kid inventor" (as many heroes of kids movies tend to be) and here he's trying to turn Baymax, designed to be a healthcare nurse, into a tough robot.

Along with his older brother Tadashi, Hiro forms an unlikely group of high-tech heroes - Go Go Tamago, Wasabi No-Ginger, Honey Lemo and Fred - to solve a mystery in San Fransokyo, a fictional mashup of San Francisco and Tokyo.

What will a Disney-animated superhero movie look like? Well, expect to see a major anime influence in 'Big Hero 6,' which should give the project a distinct feel; something much different than 'Frozen'.

The voice cast for the film won't be officially revealed until later this summer, but we do know that Maya Rudolph, Jamie Chung and T.J. Miller are all attached to the project.

'Big Hero 6' opens in theaters on November 7 and you can surely see more of the film this summer at 2014 Comic-Con.